General Information

Wyndham Ridge Clubhouse
5720 Abercorn Dr.
Columbia, MO 65203

Reserve the cozy clubhouse for your family or to host your next small event. Provides great dining seating with three tables and four chairs at each table, as well as a beautiful bar with barstools and a comfortable couch. The kitchen includes a refrigerator, microwave, and plenty of counter space. Also, includes a television.

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The Wyndham Ridge Clubhouse is for use by Wyndham Ridge Home Owners Association Owners only. 
The Wyndham Ridge Clubhouse is free to use 3 times per year.

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Note: The pool cannot be reserved.

General Policies and Definitions:

  1. The Wyndham Ridge Clubhouse (WRC) is available for WR homeowners to use for private and community functions.
  2. WRC is defined as the clubhouse and covered patio.
  3. Functions shall be defined as events of which the scope and nature are / for:

    a. WR community sponsored and community-wide, or,

    b. WR owners and their invited guests.

  4. Reserving the WRC does NOT include exclusive use of the WR pool. WR owners reserving the WRC and their invited guests may use the pool, subject to pool rules, but the pool is to remain open and available during pool hours for use by any WR homeowners who wish to swim.
  5. Scheduled and confirmed WR community sponsored and community-wide events will have priority over individual WR owner events.
  6. All reservations must be made by a WR homeowner.
  7. WRC use must be reserved in advance. Reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
  8. The WRC is available for rental seven days a week between the hours of 7:00am and 11:00pm.
  9. Any use of the WRC must be suited to the size and structure of the WRC.

Reservation Deposit:

To ensure that the quality of the WRC is maintained for the use of all WR residents, a $100 refundable deposit is required at the time a reservation is confirmed

Reservation Procedure:

  1. WR owner submits the Make A Reservation form through the WR website OR contacts CAM with requested dates and times at (573) 499-4445 or [email protected]. 
  2. CAM will, based upon guidelines and policies as determined by the WR Neighborhood Association Board and Facilities Committee, shall determine eligibility, availability and priority of request.
  3. CAM reserves the right to deny any request to use the WRC if it is determined, at CAM’s sole discretion, that there is insufficient time to adequately prepare for the proposed event.
  4. CAM will send an e-mail (or letter) to the WR owner with the Reservation Agreement and Clubhouse Deposit forms to return, as well as the Information & Instructions List and Building Use Checklist.
  5. WR owner will complete “Reservation Agreement” form and “Clubhouse Deposit” form return to CAM promptly upon receiving the reservation confirmation information via email.
  6. Upon receipt of “Reservation Agreement” and $100 reservation deposit, CAM will acknowledge receipt to complete the reservation. Reservation is NOT finalized until completed Reservation Agreement and refundable Clubhouse Deposit are both received by CAM.


Note: Reserving the clubhouse does NOT grant exclusive use of the pool. When the pool is open, it is open to ALL homeowners.

  1. Owner shall have the exclusive right to the use of the clubhouse for the date and period set forth above.
  2. Owner shall be responsible for any and all damages, which should occur during owner’s use of the clubhouse. Any damages caused by owner or guests of owner shall be paid by owner to the association within 72 hours of the time that owner is billed for all damages by the association.
  3. Owner shall be responsible for cleaning all debris, paper and cans from the clubhouse following owner’s use of the clubhouse. Debris should be collected in trash containers. Remove all items from the refrigerator and/or freezer.
  4. Owner shall vacuum the clubhouse at the end of their reservation and leave the clubhouse as clean as you found it. A vacuum is on site for your use.
  5. Owner shall be responsible for returning all furniture to its appropriate location.
  6. Owner shall return the heat to 65 degrees (winter), and the A/C to 75 degrees (summer) prior to exiting the clubhouse.
  7. Owner shall be responsible for maintaining the noise level in and around the clubhouse area so as not to disturb other owners.
  8. Owner shall be responsible for assuring that all of owner’s guests are parked properly in designated areas and that they are not blocking traffic.